torsdag 10. juli 2008

Yet another boring day, and I almost felt asleep at work. It was nothing to do, which actually made it more boring, because I just wanted the time to pass by so I could get home.
When I woke up today I felt I was going to pass out or something because I was so extremely hungry, but not hungry at the same time.. just strange. So today haven't been a good day for me, nor a bad one though. Right now I'm listening to Kate Nash and I'm sitting in my lovely sofa :D

ooh, and when I was away I got my Visacard in the mail :D I've been wanting to have Jimi Hendrix on it(Yes, call me a crazy fan or whatever, but he's a genius so duh:P), as sort of a "layout" as it is possible, but apparently I can't have any celebrities or such on it. But as clever as I am I took a picture of my electric guitar which has a Jimi Hendrix sticker on it, and that worked. I love my guitar, and I love Jimi Hendrix so now I have a little bit of both.. Plus my green patterned sofa behind it. It got it approved from the bank, and now it's in my yellow wallet :D

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