onsdag 23. juli 2008

Yesterday I had the day off, before I went back to work today where I will be working for the rest of the week. it's exhausting :/

On my day off I went into town to look in some stores, and unfortunately (for my economy) I ended up buying a dress and two pair of shoes.. but it was cheap though! I got it all for only 98kroner :O So, after wandering around there alone, passing by a lot of tourists and pretty much just being in my own world, I went to Maxi to meet Silje where we bought Åsne a birthday present. Silje had been craving chinese food the whole day, so it ended up that we went to a cheap, but good chinese restaurant later in the evening.

Today has been yet another day at work, and after I went to the gym and went jogging. REally boring, but it felt great afterwards!

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