tirsdag 15. juli 2008

Æsj & huff & tomatskviis

Today wasn't the best day at work. It began with me getting a bug in the eye on the way to work. That's something that happens now and then when I'm on my scooter, but apparently this was a bit bigger and it was quite uncomfortable to have it there :P
Then I was put to cut vegetables and I managed to sqeeze lots of tomatoes all over my "workoutfit" (which is almost like a nurseoutfit.) So then I had to change clothes, and right after doing so I got a lot of oil and such on it after making countless hamburgers. And on top of that, I got all wet on the shirt which made it see-through...

I've been wandering around the whole day like a zombie, but it's just tomorrow left and then I'll be off from work for the rest of the week :D

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