onsdag 16. juli 2008

I'm happy :) I worked today, but that was the last day for 4 days. I won't be back to work before on monday :D After work today I went to the gym and went jogging. I just felt it had to be done :)

I'm listening to Billy Jean by Michael Jackson... Definately one of his best dance tunes :D

And, I've heard that Kings of Leon will release a new album in September. the 22th to be precisely :) This will be their 4th album and the name of the album will be "Only By The Night". I can't wait to hear how that sounds like.

AND.. another thing... Arctic Monkeys has begun to work on their 3rd album :D Apparently it will be more psychedelic this time, but I can't wait to hear what those lovely lads will have in store for their fans :D

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