mandag 7. juli 2008

I already miss Croatia

awww, I already miss croatia :( Last night I came home after being in Croatia for about 2,5 week. And I had a great time.. I'm not bothered to write too much, even though I'll probably do it anyway, but I guess I'll try to just sum it all up. Me, my best friend and our family took the plane to Budapest where we had rented a car, so after staying at a boat hotel in Budapest for a night, we went off to Zagreb. The day we were in Zagreb, Croatia played against Turkey in the quarter finals in the European Championship, and all the Croatians went crazy. I bought a football hat and went off to a huge park with thousands of people, where they sent the game on a big screen. I felt I had to be a bit patriotic. It was a lot of fun, just too bad Croatia lost in the last minute. Further we went to a small city by the sea, where we rented an appartment for a week. The family who owned the place had a restaurant and a bar almost right under our terrace and it was all really nice. It was only a 5 minutes walk to the beach, and we almost had the whole beach to ourselves. The other week we stayed in another city by the sea. This was more of a tourist place, so there was alot more people there, but it was nice.

A few things I've done and seen on this trip:

I've tasted shark meat, snails and froglegs :) Strange as I am, I was actually looking forward to taste the froglegs, but they didn't taste anything at all! :/

I got addicted to a drink down there called Kruscovac :D and the coffee they make is just great :)
I went to an ancient roman city.
I sat on a sightseeing bus through Budapest.

I've been swimming under some beautiful waterfalls in a national park on an island.

I've been lost in Zagreb.. I walked for miles.... All thanks to my stupid stubborn dad!

I've been wanting to try skydiving for ages, so I was planning to do this in croatia. I went from tourist information office to another, but apparently they didn't have anything like this... one of the ladies even laughed at me when I asked... how rude! :P
I've experienced alot more, but right now I'm not bothered to write. I'm tired as I came home last night after the flight being 4 hours delayed :/
I'll probably be back with more from my trip xD

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