tirsdag 10. juni 2008

Tuesday and I'm off from school

Today I woke up really late and felt quite lazy. I have the day off because there's lots of oral exams going on in my school, so all the students who don't have exams don't need to be there :D

I really need a new bikini, so off I went to the mall with a friend.. without any money though, so no new bikini on me today...

Then I went home to Guro and we made Tacos :D

for about 30 minutes or so I came home from Andrea after watching the film "White Chicks". I've seen it before, and it's not that good really.. but oh well..

I'm off to bed. I'm sleepy :)

2 kommentarer:

Camilla sa...

White Chicks er jo KONGE :o Digger collagen over! ;D

Marit sa...

nja, litt småskeptisk der.. :P

Takktakk :D