søndag 1. juni 2008


After being a huge fan of Kiss for about 5 years, I finally got to see the living legends live! and what a show! :D After standing outside the arena for about 2 hours, thanks to lots of postponing, I made my way into the place, and ran like I've never run before up to the stage. There I managed to get on the second row, which was a great spot :D

After yet more waiting, the warm-up band came, which was a rock band from Maryland called Cinder Road. They were a bit boring, but probably mostly because I couldn't wait for Kiss to enter the stage.

And then, finally, came KISS! They entered the scene from above on this platform sort og thing and began the show right away with the song Deuce, which is one of my favorite songs. Right next to me was this crazy spanish guy who apparently had seen two of their shows already on this tour, and on the other side of me came this wasted bald man after about an hour, starting to grabbing my hair and trying to whisper something in my ear.. what a great company :S ehrm.... creepy..
There was lots of firework and I got all covered in confetti during a song. AWESOME SHOW! :D

anyway, despite the fact that I was going alone, it wasn't too bad. I manage to blend in with my huge Kiss t-shirt and screaming/singing kind of voice. I knew all the songs and screamed along to them, and poor man infront of me, got it all right in his ears..
When standing there screaming and waving with my hands and also getting the spanish guy's hands right in my face several times, I thought my shoulder would be dislocated.

They sang almost all my favorite songs, such as Black Diamond, Strutter, Detroit Rock City, Rock n' Roll all night, Parasite and ofcourse I Was Made For Loving You.. the classical Kiss song :) All those songs made me scream even louder, and by the time the concert was over, my voice was gone... just faded away... and my throat was sore and dry...

During the concert they threw out some picks, and I manage to grab Tommy Thayer's pick! :O It stands Kiss on it, and his signature.... I can't believe I have a pick used by TOMMY THAYER....

After the show I had to buy a tour t-shirt. They celebrate their 35 years anniversary this year. 1973-2008 :D I also ended up buying a Kiss scarf.
My whole body was shaking after going out of the arena, because I was high on Kiss (haha), and because I had been standing still + jumping for about 6 hours in a row.... You really get exhausted by doing that.. trust me! :)
See some of the photos I took HERE. (that if you're a member on myspace)

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