tirsdag 27. mai 2008

Stupid bank!

This day has been quite okay. Almost every class I went in to, we could leave after about 15 minutes because there were so few students because of exams and such, and as it's soon the end of the school year and I'm done with a few classes this year, there wasn't really much to do either... Happy times :D

I got off early from school today, and the sky was blue and the sun was shining :)

After school I went to the bank to order myself a Visa card, which I was suppose to have Jimi Hendrix on as a print, but it turned out that I'm not allowed to have any photo of any celebrity or anything like that on it. How rude! So now I have no idea what print I want to use. Anyone who has any idea?

Around 5 o'clock me and Silje went into town to see another friend having a dance performance along with lots of other people, so we had to go and see :) They were all really good, and there were also these cute little girls wearing princessish and flowerish costumes while dancing around. Really adorable xD

I'm drinking tea at the moment, but I guess that isn't any news to those of you who has been reading my blog for a while... :)

and now I'm off from school the rest of the week, except the exam on Friday :D
Hasta la vista!

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