onsdag 14. mai 2008


Lists are some strange phenomenons. Or maybe you can't call them phenomenons, but there's something about lists that can be quite fascinating. Are you one of the people who write lots of lists as a habite, or for other reasons?

I am that kind of person, or atleast I think I am. I have lots of these lists I write when I'm bored, or just to scribble something down. You have no idea what kind of stuff I write on lists. I'm not sure why I even write the lists. E.g, I have a list of all the shoes I own. That's maybe not the strangest list, as I also have a few lists of episodes I've seen of different series and seasons. And I have lots of postcard all around in my room as I've mentioned earlier, and I've even written a list of most of the postcards and who I've got them from. Jeeez, I'm weird.

I think I also have this small pile of papers somewhere with a few lists. The weird thing might be that I never write lists of things I have to do, or have to buy and such things. Simply because I'm not bothered, and won't do it anyway. So what is the point with writing lists about all other stuff?

Don't ask me, I'm just a person who's fascinated about lists.

Some lists I do have though:

Lots of bands I like, and trust me, it gets longer every day :D
Films I have, and films I want to watch
My sunglasses (It's pathetic, and those aren't really much to mention)
All the CDs I have and the CDs I want xD

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