søndag 11. mai 2008

It's Sunday and it doesn't feel like it is weekend. You know why? I had to get up around 6am, as I had to go to work. I wasn't in the mood for work that early, but I better had to do it, unless I want to be all lost when I'll be working ALL BY MYSELF this summer. Scary stuff. But it wasn't too bad, because for some strange, surreal reason I was quite awake when I got there around 7 :O And I am NEVER total awake 7AM.

I don't think it has been as good weather today as it has been the last week. Okay with me, as I was inside the whole day, so I didn't miss much of the sun.

And by the way: I want that suitcase with stickers and such from where I have been:)

1 kommentar:

Camilla sa...

ååh! jeg vil ha en slik caps :DDD

og kofferten ;)