mandag 26. mai 2008

Ikke lenge til sommerferie :D

Isn't it just wonderful when you can go home from school earlier than you're suppose to, without skiving school ofcourse? :P that's what happened to me today, and I was on my way home in no time x)

The stupid exam I have to have on friday is getting closer, and at the same time all the other teachers are prepared to have us in exam in that subject they're teaching us in. Just too bad I've already been chose to have English written exam, and only that one :)

Right now I'm looking at a pile of papers I have to sort out what's what, because it would be a good idea to have atleast some overview of all my school papers... (even though I'm not really that bothered as it's only 13 days at school left for me, and that includes the exam day!)

I can't wait for the summerholiday :D

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