mandag 19. mai 2008

Course at a mental hospital.

Today has been a long day. First a boring day at school, and then me and Anna were off to a course arranged by the job at the hospital. The course was about hygiene and cleaning, in other words very boring, and definately something that told me that I'm never gonna work with something that has to do with all the complicated stuff the lecturer told about. The reason why I went was because I get paid for being there, and I also got food xD Lasagne and cake. The highlight of the whole course. :P

The one lecturer was an annoying, chatty woman that thought she was soooo funny, and told the same joke over and over again, about 20 times :/

The course was being held at a mental hospital, and it turned 100 years this year, and there were these old photos in frames and old museums things on shelves in the hallway, and it automatically made me think about "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". Creepy...

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