lørdag 17. mai 2008

17. mai er vi så glad i... morro vi har fra morgen til kveld xD

awww, what a nice day :)

The weather has been better than it was said to be, and the sun came eventually out from between the clouds. Me and 3 other friends walked in procession along with all the other schools in Hamar and the area. After that we ate baked poteto from Potetbaker'n which has been a tradition for me and Silje the last 5 years. I love that baked poteto :P

We walked around in town, and it was freezing. So then it's really nice with a hot cup of coffee. I'm usually quite undecisive and wasn't sure whether to have a caffé latte or a cappuccino. I ended up having both, half of each in one cup :D

There were lots of people walking around in town despite the cold weather, and we met an american guy (I think he was american), who wanted to take a picture of the four of us in the Norwegian national clothing. He apparently had family in Norway or something, and I think he might was going to publish those photos in a newspaper in the US.. I'm not sure.. :/

Anyway. We also met a guy from the local newspaper who wanted to take a photo of us in the park, and so we did. So on Monday I'll probably be in the newspaper :§

I've eaten alot today, and became quite fascinated by some spring rolls :)

Russetoget var litt småtragisk i år egentlig, men med noen bra poeng her og der. Men jeg er sikker på at neste års russetog blir bedre :D for da er nemlig jeg og mine kjære venner RUSS :D WOOO!

Gratulerer med dagen forresten! :D

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