lørdag 5. april 2008



I MET The Wombats! I TALKED with The Wombats! WE MET The Wombats! :D WOOOOO!

Or, we MET two of the Wombats!

Here's the story:

Me and Silje went home from school and skipped P.E to catch the 4pm train to Oslo. As we're not very known with all the roads and adresses in Oslo, we went to the venue so we were sure where it was and after doing that we went to a pizza restuarant with a quite strange kelner. it was fun :P

Then we walked back to the venue, and we were the second in the row behind two Swedes :)

I was standing in the hallway, talking with my mum on the phone when I suddenly saw this cool guy in a blue sweater coming through the door! Awwww! and it was Dan Haggis, the drummer in the Wombats! :O Right behind him comes Tord (the adorable Norwegian bassist in the band) and I ran to get Silje and there we suddenly stood next to Tord talking with him.. He was really nice and we got his autograph and picture, and I just had to ask for a hug :D and I got one ;P YAY! I think I actually told him that I have family in Elverum (which I have), but I don't think he was really bothered :P We talked with him for a few minutes and then said good luck, and told him that we would be the two screaming girls in the front row (which we also were) and wished him good luck!

Then it was all about not to freak out after the chat with him, so we went back in again, and then we saw Dan.. He was really cool and nice and we got to take pictures and get an autograph. But I think I was too shy to ask for a hug xD But still.. WE MET THE WOMBATS :D I must've been in heaven ;D

anyway, this was too good to be true, and it was almost enough for me :D But then comes the warm-up band which is called Manatee Racket and they were really good.

Then it was all about The Wombats!
Me and Silje ended up (eventually) in the front row and I stood there singing and screaming along to every single song :D Dan even spoke a bit norwegian in a really good Sunmørs-accent so that was quite impressive.

I almost touced Murph's guitar, but then he turned around and went back to his spot again.. We were sqeezed in the crowd, but I didn't really bother. I just had alot of fun, even though there were some guys who were throwing beer over the audience so my hair got a bit soaked in beer + that there was this really drunk girl hanging over my shoulders almost through the whole gig. But I guess it's just a part of a good night isn't? :P

After singing lots of songs and even Postman Pat + a new tune me and Silje had to run back to the railway station to catch the last train back home. So there we were running after jumping up and down, sweaty and with sore throats for about 2 hours we ran through Oslo's streets (which was rather creepy as it was lots of gangs and other scary people there :P) to get the train. And we managed it :D We're good :P

This really made my day! :D

I'm in LOVE with The Wombats :)

I also bought a t-shirt btw :D

I'll put up out the pictures of me and the guys later ;)

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