tirsdag 22. april 2008

Sol ute, sol inne :D

Today has been okay. I had a short day at school, and after been almost bored to death through the french lessons, and after having a presentation about the Incas, I went almost straight from school and down to the hospital to a jobinterview, and it looks like I'll be having a job this summer :D I'm going to work in the cafeteria/kitchen, so no bumwiping for me :P

I was craving grapes after the interview, so now I'm sitting on the terrace eating grapes and doing homework... I have to use any oportunity to try and get a tan, even though I probably will just end up with a ton of freckles on my nose =/

and guess what they had in the cafeteria at school today! Fish n' Chips :D I LOVE Fish n' Chips :D


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