søndag 6. april 2008

My meeting with two of The Wombats :D

And then were the photos from the Wombats gig put into my computer, so I thought I would share the photos of me and Tord and me and Dan :)

I'm blushing and look rather freaked out/scared for some reason, but I met these extremely cool and funny guys so you can't blame me :P I've been in love with their music for about 2 years now and to get the chance to meet them was like a dream come true! :D

Me and Dan Haggis! Awww, he's so charming! :D

This is a terrible picture of me, but it's all about Tord :D haha

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Agnethe sa...

Så utrolig søte dere alle er! :D

BoiledFrog sa...

ååh! Heldig Gris 1! :D

Marit sa...


Anonym sa...

aldeles heite bilder, elsker dem!!!