torsdag 24. april 2008

ENTRY NUMBER 200 :O I really don't have a life, do I? :P

I've been sitting and doing maths for hours now... with some help from my dad... my head is exploding soon and I've got a runny nose and to do math with my dad can actually be very tiring as he's so eager to tell me all about it as he's crazy about math xD It's strange.. my mum, dad AND brother have had math as their favorite subject at school, and then comes me, the odd one out, hating it more that anything else and instead being interested in languages which none of them really liked :P I guess I just go my own ways :D

I'm really not looking forward to the test tomorrow :( But when I'm done with it (even though I probably will have a terrible feeling about how it goes), it will be weekend :D :D :D Finally! Which means time to relax and no school :) That is what I call happy days :D

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