søndag 27. april 2008

Blocked nose and Ernest Hemingway.

Today I decided to be a bit athletic and go jogging. But, the weather wasn't too good, and I'm also starting to get a cold. My eyes are runny, my nose are all blocked, and so are my right ear (because of the cold, not because of dirt:P) and I have a nasal voice.

So instead I'm sitting inside, and I'm suppose to study for a spanish test I'll have tomorrow. But right now I'm cuddled up in my fleece blanket in my sofa, reading "A farewell to arms" (Farvel til våpnene) by Ernest Hemingway with a bit of background music by Kings of Leon. Strange combination, but I like it. I wanted to read the book in english, but as my parents had it in norwegian I just chose that one.

Hope you're having a nice Sunday :)

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