torsdag 10. april 2008

Again is it Thursday, and I survived the day.. It actually went quite fast to be honest. Me and Silje didn't do much in the math lessons, because instead of doing math we ate this delicious hamburger we bought in the cafeteria :D much better than math :P

I had the last lesson off, but I was suppose to work on a french project... I got a tea bag from Marielle called Söder te which was bought in Sweden, and it was delicous :D Tusen takk for den Marielle :D

Then I was off to Andrea, to work with english and now we're sitting here, not really bothered to begin, but I guess we have to... Life can be a bitch! :P

Wish us good luck ;P

just to inform you who would really be interested: Ingvild chose the color of this text :)

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