torsdag 20. mars 2008

The time really flies by, doesn't it?

As just mentioned in the last posting, about that it is only one week left to my birthday, makes me think about how fast the time really flies by.. atleast this last year has gone so fast that it is almost scary. This is my second year at high school, where everything was going to be so different about subjects and classes, and the new school building and about not being the youngest students at school. But to be honest it hasn't been that different as I thought it would be.. The huge schoolbuilding wasn't so huge anymore after going there for a few weeks and the new subjects wasn't so interesting as I thought they would be. Well, other than spanish which I really love.. I guess I can call myself a spanish geek, but that is probably the most exciting subject this year. But to be honest, my spanish class sucks! xD

On the other hand, I'm so glad I only have one year left at school. Or 1 year and 3 months left. I really hope the last year will be better, and I think it will, as I won't have french, math and history&philosophy anymore.. HAPPY TIMES :D Plus that it will probably give me more motivation to think about that it's just that one year left, and then I can go somewhere and study whatever I want to study :] it will be such a great feeling :]

But enough about my thoughts about how fast the time flies. Everybody probably notice that to a certain point, and right now I felt I just wanted to share those thoughts here on my blog.

Au Revoir :)

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